Thursday, May 7, 2009

Long overdue update!

6 month pictures:

7 pictures:

Having 2 kids has kept me very busy. I don't have nearly as much time to blog as I did with one kid (and that wasn't much time to begin with). It is amazing how much Emily has changed over the past few months. She is very mobile, not quite crawling yet, but rolling and army crawling and getting up on all'll be soon. She's been sitting up independently for awhile but yesterday she started doing it really, really well without using her arms for support and for a longer period of time. Also over the past few days she has figured out how to sit herself up from laying down. Emily loves to play with toys which really drive Nathan crazy because he thinks all the toys are his. We started solids a few weeks ago. Emily loves squash, likes peas and carrots, doesn't care too much for green beans, and seems indifferent about pears and applesauce.

I've given up on the monthly "bear" pictures (in case you didn't figure that out). We moved the chair downstairs to the basement at Christmas time to make room for the tree and never brought it back up and it just didn't seem right to not use the same chair. I know it's silly, but oh well.

And this will have to be the end of the blog post because somebody needs a diaper's a stinky.

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thereadingmother0708 said...

Oh she's so cute and chubby! I love her little pigtail balls! That expression on her face in the last pic is priceless, and Nathan looks like such a little man!